Upgradation and Retrofitting

The maintenance person of long running plant knows the headache of maintaining obsolete system. Yet his fear prevents him from migration to a new system. Instances which warrant migration are as follows,

    • Obsolete control system- who’s parts are difficult to source and costly to replace.
    • Outdated software – that cannot communicate with the new expansions and replacements.

The job of converting the system to new one in minimum time is a regular challenge as the plant is running and production is on hold. Proper synchronization of technician and engineers and deep study of the system before inception of retrofitting is mandatory. Our long-standing experience and track record in conversion assures the customer.

Some of our experiences are listed below

    • CGC 2 Furnace system of M/s MahindraLimited (Major Automobile Company)– Siemens S5 system was converted to S7. And the New S7 system had to communicate with old iFix SCADA which was not replaced. The job which included major wiring was completed in four days’ time.
    • Bennett and Coleman (Leading Indian Newspaper)– The Microprocessor failure which caused them major worry, was replaced by PLC system along with the changeover of DC motors to AC motors. Additional features were incorporated and the parts used in the system were easily available in case of breakdown. This has reduced their dependency for proprietary spares which was many times costlier and hard to get.
    • M/s Exide Ltd. (Major battery manufacturer) – The Siemens S5 PLC was replaced to S7300 and communication with existing 3rd party HMI was established. 10 years later the S7300 PLC system was replaced by S71500 along with replacement of HMI and Servo motors from Siemens S120 series. The changed architecture reduced the dependency of customer on obsolete servos and FM-354(Siemens module) which was prohibitively costly. The cycle time reduced and production was increased