System Integrator

Since 1986, for 32 years we have been building electrical control panels. Our association with world leaders assures quality components & required certifications

    • Rittal for enclosures, panel A/C & MCC,
    • Siemens for PLC & Drives, Servo and Switchgears.
    • Allen Bradley for PLC, Drives & Switchgears
    • Omron & Phoenix – Complete range of Relays, SSR, Controllers & Monitoring devices.
    • Dynapar for condition monitoring.

The rigorous simulation testing procedure and quality control ensures that all aspects of panel are performing as intended. We design panels for smooth convection of hot air and with necessary care for optimum cooling at all ambient. We also build panels for which design is already available. Panels having IP protection, different MOCs, Purged, hygienic design, customized & EMC Enclosures are available.

Industry we served

Tyre & Rubber

TEJ control is known throughout the Tyre industry in India. Our experience in the industry has helped us build process wise standardized software..

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Pretreatment and Painting of metal

Control panels for automation of wagons in degreasing, pickling, drying and phosphating was supplied to major metal finishing OEMs.

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Oil & Gas

TEJ has experience in oil & Gas extraction processing, transportation and dispensing. The application demands efficiency and safety.

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Newspaper & Printing

Newspaper industry is unforgiving in terms of reliability as news cannot be printed the next day. The upgradation and retrofitting.

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Textile has been backbone of our Indian fashion and clothing culture. It has been one of the oldest and ever-growing industry of India.

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Waste & wastewater management

Waste water management system have come a long way and has become mandatory for industries producing effluents. Safety, efficiency..

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Amusement park

We have worked with one of the biggest Amusement and theme park of India. Our technical expertise in automation has added more..

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TEJ has supplied systems for automobile industry in transmission, engine, body, Axel and vehicle product units. Furnace for hardening the components..

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Food & beverages

The volume of food and beverages production has multiplied many folds and this could not have happened without automation.

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Metal & steel industry

The steel industry is a barometer for the state of economy. The urgency of upgradation of this industry fluctuates on big way.

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