Newspaper & Printing

Newspaper industry is unforgiving in terms of reliability as news cannot be printed the next day. The upgradation and retrofitting of the machine should failure proof and only trustworthy automation houses are assigned the job. Similarly, for printing precise images on packaging wrappers and synchronization of different color printing stations is major challenge. With our expertise and specialized function blocks we have achieved desired accuracies at various printing & packaging manufacturers.

The project includes

  • Plate processing
  • Machine pgradation
  • Stacking of newspapers in bundles
  • Offset Printing line
  • Lamination line
  • Slitter
  • Metalizing
  • Label cutting

The above application includes upgradation of microcontroller to regular PLC and retrofitting of obsolete systems with the current controls. This has saved the lot of downtime, uncertainty and spare replacement cost which was astronomical.
Printing requires lot of precision and high skill in motion control.