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Founded in 1986 by two entrepreneurs Mr.Rajpat Tiwari & Mr. Phillip Jacob for manufacturing indigenous devices, controllers & electronic devices.

The Original Manufacturing Included Temperature controllers, digital panel meters, VAW, Thyristor controllers, relay cards & custom build electronic circuits. With time Control panels were manufactured and association with major giants including Siemens (1991), Omron (2000) &Rittal (2012).

With vision of indigenizing, Machine vision (2000) & robotics (2012) were introduced. A continuous endeavor to improvise and introduce new technology our team of 125 professionals work hard to keep the company young and relevant with changing times.

Enriching lives through factory automation

To provide highest quality at lowest price

To deliver what we promise

Advantages of using a system integrator –

When systems are not integrated it causes additional Time, Labor and Cost. This warrants a system integrator who isan one stop solution for all automation needs. He integrates the hardware and software from multiple suppliers intoa solution.

Following are the advantages of using a system integrator –
1) Reducing cost of hiring, educating & maintaining staff with expertise in control system technology.
2) As OEM and System integrator TEJ brings to table their understandings of mechanical, process and business intelligence. To make optimum use, it is recommended to involve a system integrator at an early stage of project planning to save cost.
3) Accountability is maximized when system integrator handles the project. the integrator has to deliver results in given time & cost schedule.
4) The system integrator is updated with machine & process safety, programming standards, instrumentation and cyber security.
5) Most system integrators work across different industries. The experience gained and knowledge of innovation of one industry is replicated in another.
6) Recognizing project risks comes with experience. Involving system integrator in the early stages of project mitigates the risks.
7) Electrical drawings prepared with the latest industry recognized software makes the drawing acceptable with National & International consultants.
8) The system integrator is obliged to provide documentation for future references from archive.
9) Knowledge& independence to use multi-products gives the option of providing the best automation solution in the interest of the customer.
10) Providing Engineer assistance during breakdowns and AMCs at reasonable cost and proximity to the site, makes a system integrator irreplaceable.


TEJ Founded by Two entrepreneurs Mr.Rajpat Tiwari & Mr. Philips Jacob



Associated with Siemens as authorize system house


  1. Associated with Omron as 2nd oldest channel partner of automation solutions
  2. With vision of indigenizing machine vision system (online quality inspection) & robotics were introduced



Associated with Rittal as only channel partner in Mumbai region till the date


  1. Awarded as best channel partner of Rittal in India
  2. Awarded as Second Rank under Small Industry in Thane District by Maharashtra Govt District Industrial Award


TISSA Outstanding Achievement Entrepreneur Award